Relocation Assistance in Scottsdale/Phoenix.  With the many details that go into making a move successful before getting settled in, we understand that moving day can be hectic. But moving need not be one of life's most stressful experiences: our home team can make it as painless as possible.  

Lifestyle Concierge Services will collaborate with you on all of the logistics of your moving transitions process, from researching homes/apartments to supervising all aspects of your move to helping you unpack. Our Relocation Assistance Service brings you peace of mind to help make your moving day a whole lot easier.

Relocation Services:

•Hire and Oversee Cleaning Service Professional
•Unpacking Items & Organizing         
•Furniture & Decor Placement
•Create 'Box & Item' Inventories.
•Coordinate Transfer of Utilities/Services
•Coordinating Change-of-Address
•Hire and Oversee Moving Company
•Arrange Donations of Unwanted Items
•Liaison between Client, Moving Company and New  Residence.
•On-Site Support: Receive New Appliances or any other Service Providers Requiring 
  access to your new home
•Organize and Pack Your Belongings
•king Up Your New Home with the Essentials
•Arrange Interior Design Services

Whether you are a busy professional or on-the-go family, our Relocation Services are tailored and customized to your individual needs.