For those who do not occupy their Scottsdale/Phoenix home full time, we can check for leaks or weather damage, check appliances, check mail and package deliveries, start car, reset timers/water heaters/air conditioning, empty or stock refrigerator, empty garbage/trash, bring in/out patio furniture, and just about any other task you might be worried about while you are away.   And while you are here, we will save you hours of time and convenience by taking care of  time consuming tasks. Our clients enjoy the benefit of having their property managed by dedicated professionals who only charge for the time it takes to complete a task. If you need us we will be there, if you do not then you can rest assured that it is not costing you unnecessarily.
In these over-worked, time-poor days, even going on vacation can be stressful. Canceling the papers, booking kennels and even arranging the vacation itself can all take their toll.  Now all this, and more, can be done for you under LifeStyle Concierge Service's  'Before You Go' service. 

You can schedule regular visits to the house to ensure it's secure, water the plants etc and we'll even make sure the 'essentials' are in the fridge for a 'Welcome Home'!  Whether you are leaving on a short vacation, or only living here part-time, our services can make your life easier.

We can: verify operation of a/c units and all appliances-inspect for leaks including hot water heater-remove mail solicitations and papers from the property-insure that any lights on timers are in working order-Adjust thermostats if required-check security of doors and windows-verify the pool is being properly maintained-we will observe and report on the general condition of the exterior of your residence-There are many other services that we can tailor to your needs.


A unique opportunity for absent owners to enjoy total peace of mind, knowing that their property is safe and secure while benefitting from our affordable and reliable services.

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