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LifeStyle Concierge Services is a Scottsdale based boutique concierge service offering  travel management service and travel arrangements.

Are you spending too much of your day searching for that perfect vacation? Want to plan a truly memorable trip but can’t seem to find the time to do all the research before you make your decision? We can not only help make flight, hotel and car rental arrangements, we can help you decide what to do once you get there.  Life can be so much simpler with a little help from us helping you arrange every aspect of your trip. Need to book a car to pick you up from the airport?  Want to plan a romantic weekend at a bed and breakfast in Napa Valley? A snorkeling trip to Tahiti?  Luxury accomodations in Paris?   Whatever your destination, we can make your trip extra special and take care of all the details.  
Going far beyond the services of a travel agent, we get to know you personally, so we can match your requirements whether you're traveling for business or leisure. 
Including, but not limited to:

• Travel Planning and Organization
• Hotel  and Flight Reservations Worldwide
• Resourcing destination information
• Creating personalized itineraries
• Limo or car transportation to/from airport
•Private Jet and Yacht Charter
•Unique Experience/AdventureArrangements
•Travel Reward Point Management
• Preparing your travel checklist
 Discounts off hotel and airfare rates
And for all your luxury, tailor-made services including fantastic, off the beaten track experiences, our UK representatives at Grand Tourist  can arrange the perfect travel experience tailored just for you.  Experience meticulously planned journeys, inspired by travellers of the 18th and 19th Centuries who travelled from England through France and Switzerland to Italy, the shores of the Mediterranean and beyond seeking culture, adventure and excitement!. Follow in their footsteps, taking in the finest of European culture.  Fine dining, superb accommodation and imaginative sight-seeing are the order of the day. Put the Art back into travel and design your perfect trip. CONTACT US for more information on arranging your Grand Tourist   experience or any other travel needs you may have.

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